The Sacred Space of Women.

I love being a woman and I love being around women. There is something special about bonding with one another and sharing sacred space together. It is filling to the soul. Listening and sharing stories, expressing concerns, or simply enjoying some easy laughter. Nothing beats the precious moments shared with my sisters. On this particular day, we got together in Los Angeles to support my friend Celia Ward-Wallace who is an inspirational coach, activist, entrepreneur, and just plain badass. She has taken on the mission of connecting one million women all over the world and motivating them to find their soulful purpose in life. I also had the pleasure that day to share space with Keandra Doss and Betty LaMarr, two women who are also changing the imprint of women through their endeavors working with women and adolescent females. Conversation that day was soul stirring and all about how we can combine our efforts to better serve and impact our female community. What could be better for a Monday afternoon.

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